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WordPress Theme Navigations

Theme Navigations

This theme uses WordPress integrated menus feature that is in your WordPress Dashboard> Appearance> Menus. To configure a new menu, please follow the steps below. Its better to already have created your pages, even if they are blank pages.

  1. Navigate to Apperance > Menus page
  2. Click the “create a new menu” link to make a new menu. Enter the name then hit Create Menu
  3. To add a menu item, you can easily select one of your already made pages on the left hand side and click Add to Menu
  4. You can also add menu items by entering a custom name and custom link into the Links box.
  5. You can manage your menus using the drag and drop functionality. To create a dropdown menu, simply drag a menu item below and slightly to the right of another menu item and it will lock into place and create a dropdown section.
  6. After setting up your menu, select the menu you just created as the Primary Navigation in the Menu Settings and Create a new menu and select it as the Top Menu Navigation in the Menu Settings
  7. Once its all done, make sure you click the Save button.
  8. You can chnage menus locations in any time from Manage Locations tab .
  9. You can show more boxes like “Posts”, “Product Categories” and “Tags” by clicking on “Screen Options”.

Add House Icon To main Navigation

  1. Go to Appearance > Menus
  2. In the Links box add your full blog url in the URL input field .. don’t forget http://
  3. Add any text in the Label input field .. for example add ‘Home’
  4. Click on Add To Menu Button
  5. Click Save Menu

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