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How to Build a WordPress Theme Part 7

How to Build a WordPress Theme – Conclusion

Believe it or not, as I’ve stated many times before, building a WordPress theme is not a difficult task at all. That’s why using Underscores as a guide is perfect for this short course.

All you need to understand is what a WordPress theme is supposed to do, what languages it uses to make it happen, and how to style it.

From there, you’re stuck with the responsibility of growing on your own as a theme developer. Practice makes a better theme developer. Tapping into the hundreds, if not thousands, of available WordPress resources makes an even better theme developer.

You won’t hit the nail on the head on the first try. You’ll have to learn what does and doesn’t work. You’ll have to learn how to avoid common conflicts, like with popular plugins. You’ll start to pick up on best practices while developing your own way of doing things.

None of this can be taught. It all comes from experience.

Hopefully this course was enough to get your started messing around with custom theme building. If so, the coming experiences will guide you the rest of the way.

Tools of the Trade

Not only is it important that you know how to build a theme, but you should also know how to put it to the test.

Since Build WordPress Yourself was created to be the ultimate resource, it only makes sense that those testing tools be available to you right here on the site.

Stop by the WordPress Theme Building Tools page to see an always-growing list of tools recommended for WordPress theme developers.

These tools take you through the exact process that the WordPress team would use if you were trying to submit your theme to the WordPress theme repository for mass distribution.

From coding standards to extreme content situations, the tools page has you covered. Use it.

Gaining More Experience

You might want to build a theme or two for yourself before you start taking on clients or selling them. You simply want to get a few “reps” in.

Once you’re ready, though, be sure to browse through the blog for a host of tutorials on how to do all kinds of cool things with your theme, making your finished product more awesome than the user ever expected.

Integration with popular software and how to build custom theme options are just a couple of the subjects talked about here. Take advantage.

In Conclusion

Most developers and budding developer can relate to the idea that sometimes all it takes is one tool or experience that helps you move from one level to the next.

For those who have been tinkering with WordPress themes and frameworks for years but don’t have a theme of their own, this is your push in the right direction.

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