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WordPress Migrate DataBase

What to you need to move WordPress?

This is an easy migration process that can be done in a few minutes if you have a fast Internet connection. What you need are:

FTP client software like CyberDuck or FileZilla
The free WordPress database Migrator plugin
The free Database finds and replace plugin
The PhpMyAdmin panel
WordPress content directory and the database

Steps to migrate a WordPress site

I’ll make things easy, simple and quick to understand, at the same time; just follow my step by step tutorial and you’ll save money synchronization with migration services.

2. Download the databases and update its tables

This step is the most important, you must install the plugin WP DB Migrate, then after enable it, you will find its liaison options in “Options.”

Then you will have the plugin interface, everything is configured by default and I recommend while keeping the same except the second table option hat you can delete if you want to delete. Add the old domain name, and the new, and finally click “Migrate” as the screenshot below.

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