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What is domain name and what is web hosting?

What is domain name?

Domain name system or DNS is the most amazing and accepted system in the world that assign to Internet web servers. Domain name is used for identification of IP address just as the domain name that represent a website address. The domain names is used in URLs that indicate a specific web page like in the URL The domain names has an end word or suffix that indicate that this domain name is related to while there are some domain for example.

  1. gov – Government agencies that indicate that it  belongs to government.
  2. edu – Educational institutions that are related to education and its branches or organization.
  3. org – Organizations (nonprofit) It is for the institution or organization which work without any profit or commercial point of view.
  4. mil – Military this domain suffix indicate that it  belongs to arm forces.
  5. com – commercial business this is used for all types of commercial or trade businesses.
  6. net – Network organizations.
  7. ca – Canada
  8. th – Thailand

The “www.” is host server name that handle Internet request and the “com” part of the domain name reflects the purpose of the organization. It means that this domain is for commercial, education, organization, military or any other purpose. The sub domain is the domain that contains a proper domain name and sub domain just as “” The domain name is the Uniform Resource Locater (URL) which shows  a domain name server using the domain name system (DNS). Domain name for a particular web site will be unique and awarded only for one web site. Domain name never have any second copy with same end suffix because in this way a conflict will occur between the websites. Domain name is purchased from the domain agency and it will register at least for one year, but customers may be register it for more than one year. It also has annual charges.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that gives space to website on the Internet. Whenever an organization or individual form a website and wants that other ordinance watch it and for this purpose it requires a web hosting service on that it will be up loaded. Web hosting service store and protect your website files in high-powered computers or servers. When a visitor types a website address and in this way the Internet connect this website files and shows all the data of that website on your computer screen within no time. The web hosting, provides service to millions of websites in the world and it also controls software, security, support, bandwidth and speed. After making a website, which may be any sort or type a web developer require a web hosting service, which displays this site for other people in the world. The web hosting must  have some unique features just as security, uninterrupted web site display, quick in action, having more capacity to store data, provides technical assistance,  email service, FTP access and other latest required facilities. There are some other features should be with web hosting service just as it should be economical than other web hosting with same efficacy. It provides feedback service to web developers, it provides assistance whenever a query arise.

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