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How to use Custom Sliders Feature

How to use Custom Sliders Feature ?

Custom Sliders allow you to add slides with custom image, title , caption and link .. so you can use it as a main slider on the homepage or on a single post/page.

  1. Navigate to Custom Sliders > Add New .
  2. Add a title for the slider
  3. use Add New Slide button to add a new slide
  4. Choose the slide image from your existing images in the media library or upload a new one and click Use this image button
  5. Enter your slide title , link and caption
  6. use Add New Slide button again to add new slides
  7. Once its all done, make sure you click the Publish / Update button.

Sidebar Manager

  1. Navigate to Sahifa Settings page > Sidebars tab .
  2. From the Sidebar Position box set the default sidebar position .
  3. From the Sticky Sidebar box you can adjust sticky settings for sidebars.
  4. From the Add Sidebar box type your sidebar name and click Add button.
  5. From the Custom Sidebars box assign your Custom sidebar to Home , posts , pages or archives .

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