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How to Create Free Website

Taking Hosting And Theme.

Website is the information given by the web developers through Internet service, there are various types of web site in the world and the number of websites is difficult to calculate because there are millions of websites in the world. First,  it is necessary that decide what kind of website you require because in this way you will select the hosting type on that this website will be up loaded for example if you want to make a website for business purpose, then it requires such type of hosting that support it. After, this tries to get a free online website building service and you will find online website building service and you will find a variety of online services that provide this service. Here, we have some free hosting sites like.

  1. WordPress; It is good for blogs and smart websites of different types.
  2. Drupal; It is good for about large data containing sites.
  3. Webs
  4. Angelfire
  5. Google Sites
  6. Webnode

Before, selecting hosting service try to compare all these hosting according to their facilities and it is also important that how much data they support of your website. There are some good free hosting also provide good services, but most free hosting services offer low bandwidth. After selecting hosting service, then select a suitable template for your website that support your website. The themes which are also called template or style, these themes available free of cast, but some good themes can be purchased online from some themes websites.

Select or choose domain name which you like from the available domains name and some time you can get it free domain that will be a sub domain. However, domain can be purchased and you will pay the fee for this domain yearly. There are various companies for domain registration like etc. There are various themes which are available ready made, but the web developers can alter the themes according to their need and desire. In readily available themes or template the web developer just add articles and images these will be displayed on your website. Most of templates has tools and programs through that web developers upload their data into website. However, you can up load your data in to website through FTP programs and cPanel. When you have completed your website and uploaded all the articles including images it is time to display it for visitors or audience.

Develop And Update Your Website.

It is vital for website that you add new contents continuously and update your website according to your visitors demands and requirement. Try to include new ideas and latest information about all topics that this site contains. When you have completed website and it is open for public then try to market it through Google Ad Sense and you can promote your website on social media like face book and Twitter. Make your website according to search engine demand and for this web publishers need to follow all the rules and regulation settled by Google ad sense. It is important that your contents must be original and not from any other site. Google ad sense encourage the contents and materials, which is original and it is genuine idea from publisher. Visitors also like new information and ideas from the web publishers and this will be helpful for the website rank.

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