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How to create a Website with WordPress

Website is developed by the professionals, but now there are various plate form available through that a raw hand person can also develop his website easily. Once the websites were in different modes like HTML (code), CSS and even Flash. All these programs were times taking and tricky one, but now it an easy task to create a website. The majority of the people think that the creation of a website requires a lot of coding and design skills, but it is simple. However, in recent past there are various easy format or plate form has been developed through those person can easily create their website in a short time and these plate form are like WordPress, joomla etc.etc. However, WordPress is more simpler and majority of the websites in the world are wordpress based because this system is very easy and can be changed easily. It also updates its plug in and other necessary tools. WordPress can handle every type of website from business to online stores and WordPress is used by Facebook, eBay, McAfee, Mozilla, Reuters, CNN, Google and many more. WordPress website will be responsive and can be displayed equally fantastic on mobile device, smart phone and tablet.

First of all select a domain name and finding a space to host your site vis server for whole world. Install and customize a WordPress website. Two basic things are very vital for website creation one is domain name or web address just as site and hosting that provide a space on the  internet and connect your website with hosting service. Although the wordpress platform is free of cost, but a domain name and hosting will cost some money. Domain name should be simple and related to your business or product, domain names usually end with .com .org or .net. After this it is time, to install WordPress and there are two main ways to install wordpress and when you have successfully installed WordPress to your domain. Web site crater will select theme from log into WordPress dashboard. Here, web developer can select the same of his choice. All the function which requires to run this wordprss have a button and easily handle. The website developer will select first categories and then add articles in the relevant categories along with images. After, article publishing a new article can be added and published similarly. An article shows a title and of the topic and there is a space for keyword and description of the related article.

WordPress is very simple and it update it’s  customers regarding latest plugin and other tools. Plugins are tools which enhance the WordPress capabilities. It is very easy to install plugin because up dated plugin will be available on dash board from there the web developer will easily install this through just a single click. To make your WordPress site more favorite for SEO then you have required a special plugin for this purpose. WordPress web sites are responsive in display and they easily display on cell phones, tablets and desktops evenly. The commercial websites or those, which belong to adsense must be responsive because in this way they can earn more money from the ad sense. WordPress themes are easily available for all types of businesses, stores or other types of programs. WordPress is easy in handling and its navigation or other parts and categories are easy to create and easy to disable. WordPress has many space for different activities and can easily changeable according to desire and demand. WordPress templates are easily available in different shades and designs. WordPress website are more friendly and have worldwide acceptance among the web publishers.

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