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Computer Networking

I know what you’re thinking.”What a minute!” you say.”I don’t need a network! I just want to listen to my MP3s on my home stereo and see the picture from my digital camera on my TV set. I don’t need a network for that!”

Oh, but you do. One of the most profound pieces of distilled wisdom I can share with you is, “Networks are for sharing.” Networking, in some from, is exactly what you need if you want to share sights and sound among the different electrical components in your life.

Of course, the nature of networking changes every time you look at it. Many people associate the idea of a network with copper cables. Those copper cables still work very well, but now you have several low-cost networking choices that aren’t mutually exclusive. You don’t have to go all cables or all wireless. You can blend networking products to match the consumer electronic products you own and your lifestyle needs.

Lan and Wan Networking

I recently connected up a house for a family member and combined category 5 cables, 802.11 wireless, and power line networking to reach every corner and every level of the house with economy, flexibility, and good performance. The family member can direct music streams on a server in the monitor security cameras from a handheld PDA, and display photos that reside on a server in the office on the family room television. When cars come out with wireless links asking to update audio files and personal preferences, the house will be ready to reply. Oh yes, the folks in this house can also do simple stuff like sharing a single high-speed internet connection, sharing printers, and sharing file storage space. That’s where it all started.

The neat thing about this book is that the author, Les freed, was there at the beginning and has done it all. He has the insight and practical hand-on experience to help you make smart decisions and keep you from spending more money and time than necessary. Above all, he can help you create a flexible network that can grow with technology and with your tastes.

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