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The Birth of Blogs:

The first blogs started in the late 1990s as online records. Beings posted information on a daily basis about their lives and ideas. The daily posts were listed in opposite date order, so readers viewed the most recent post first and scrolled through previous posts. The format provided an ongoing inner monologue from the writer. As blogs changed, cooperative features were added to create a two-way chat. Readers took advantage of features that allowable them to leave comments on blog postsor link to posts on other blogs and websites to further the negotiation. Rank Youtube Video Video SEO Video Promotion

Computer Networking

I know what you’re thinking.”What a minute!” you say.”I don’t need a network! I just want to listen to my MP3s on my home stereo and see the picture from my digital camera on my TV set. I don’t need a network for that!” Oh, but you do. One of the most profound pieces of distilled wisdom I can share ... Read More »

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